Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is not about a vampire, guys.  

Hello, dear 

Have your eyes yet run dry? 

I hear 

Your sweet cry 

It turns my insides 

It feeds my pain  

My hunger abides 

To your blood, as I drain 

I'm sorry I have to keep you here 

But I cannot set you free 

For you see, I fear 

That if I did, you would surely leave me   

You used to make me think I could change   

My ways  

I cannot help but think of how it's strange  

As time passes through the days  

That one simple slip 

Ruined it all 

One little mistake was enough to tip 

Over the fragile glass of us we thought was standing so tall 

Now we're shattered 

But I'm trying to pick up the pieces 

Of your heart, so tattered 

Even though your blood ceases 

To flow 

I will not give up on your life 

I refuse to let you go 

Before it happened I was hoping to make you my wife 

You were my one chance at happiness 

In a world full of strife 

Look at the mess 

Our clothes stained, dark red 

I could have prevented this  

If only I would have fed 

Before hand, oh how I wish 

I could turn back, to a time when you weren't dead 


You're not dead yet! 

Stop hanging your head so low 

It's gonna be fine, don't fret 

I look into your eyes 

Trying not to notice what's obvious 

They have no life, your ties 

To this world have been 

Violently cut 

I've committed the most terrible sin 

I shut 

My eyes, and wish the scene away 

But it's already been done 

And now I must pay 

I can no longer run 

From my mistakes 

I cannot hide from my past 

My former mates 

The ones that didn't last 

I am a monster 

My life can no longer be 

So my own death, I will now foster 

I grasp the blade 

And fulfill my deed 

The color fades 

And you're all I need 

So I take you in my arm 

And kiss your cheek 

Knowing I can do you no more harm 

I'm growing week 

And I hear your cries 
In my memory 

As I too, sever my ties 

My blood flows in a swift whirl

And I take my final bow

Goodnight, my sweet dead girl. 

I am with you now. 

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