Sunday, November 7, 2010

Get out of here, my dear. 
I'll rip you apart, I swear. 
Sweetie, I'm that girl you think you want until you have her. 
My laughing eyes, they draw you in. 
My smile, it makes your palms sweaty. 
But you see, that's only my clever disguise. 
I make you think I am who I am not. 
In truth, behind this smile, you will find too much pitiful luggage for two, let alone one person to carry. 
You confess to me your secret. 
Oh, you like me, do you? You think you're falling in love? 
You are such an innocent fool. 
Who exactly do you think I am? 
Who I am is a stranger to you. 
I've hidden myself behind these lies and this facade and this fifty foot wall. 
Oh god, I just want to save you.
You are different from the others. 
I don't want to hurt you.  
I don't want you honey, oh but I do.  
But I fear that I will take hold of your heart, grip it tight, and hold on till there's nothing left. 
That I will drain you, like a vampire, of any emotion other than sorrow. 
I will feed on your happiness till there is no more. 
And when you're out, and my source is dry, I will move on to my next victim. 
I don't mean to do these things. 
I really don't, I swear. 
It just comes naturally to me. 
This is who I am. 
This is me.
So you see, I am far from the person I pretend to be. 
That girl you think you love doesn't exist. 
And underneath it all, you will only find me.

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