Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've only seen this once before 
On the bathroom floor 
When I opened the door  
He was only twenty-four 
I thought of the day 
When I heard him say
What I never in a million years expected him to say 
"What's the point of living? I can't do this anymore!" 
And in that moment I could tell his heart tore 
I didn't know what to do
So I kept my mouth shut and looked down at my shoe 
I was stupid and young
I could have stopped him if I wouldn't have just kept my tongue 
But he's gone now 
And I made my brother a silent vow 
That I'd live my life the way he didn't know how 
But now my hands are shaking 
And my eyes are aching   
As I take in the scene before me 
I can't believe what I see 
The girl is staring back at me 
A single tear falls from her eye 
And I can see her life passing by 
As she waits to die 

The girl closes her eyes, and to my reflection, I whisper an overdue goodbye.  

1 comment:

  1. perfect rhymes,
    romantic and playful words.
    simply brilliant poem.