Sunday, November 7, 2010

People say you're born and then you die 
But there's so much more in between 
Oh, so much more you haven't seen 
If you just take a look around 
Just step outside 
Take in a breath of fresh air 
Notice the forgotten 
Hear the song of your ancestors land 
See the beauty you never knew possible 
Smell the wind blowing from the tops of trees 
Taste the sunshine on your tongue  
Feel the spirit of life flowing through your body   
Living isn't as hard as you like to think 
If you don't believe me, get away from the city on a full moon night 
Sit under the stars, I can assure you it's a lovely sight 
Leave behind your worries and fears 
There's no need for that here 
Just enjoy what each and every one of you was lucky enough to be given and use it wisely. 

Sincerely, Your Chance at Life 


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