Sunday, November 7, 2010

I was all alone in the dark 
And company in this nightmare was merely a wish 
Till you came along, like a shark 
But sadly, I was just a common fish 
The sea 
Was so confused 
As to why you would pick me 
When the entire ocean was at your mercy 
The words you spoke 
Indeed, they were crafty 
Really, you almost had me fooled  
Till you made the mistake of thinking I could be tooled 
You may be a shark 
Buy I refuse to be easy prey 
I'd rather be left in the dark 
And believe me, I WILL make you pay 
You belong with the scum of the pond  
And when I'm through, that's exactly where you'll be 
Because, of you I am the opposite of fond  
Honey, your ass just got PWND ;D

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