Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not many people know of you 
Yet you are my number one 
I obey your wish
I have no control
I cannot stop 
You have my will 
It's in your hands 
You make me cry 
You tear me down 
You ruin my life 
I don't want you 
But I need what you give me 
You came on slowly 
And I let you grow stronger 
Till I had no say 
No inner power 

Why won't you leave? 
Can't you see what you've done to me? 

What you continue to do? 
Where did you come from?
What caused you? 
You fill the empty spot I never knew was there 
Now I'm falling and you don't even care 

I cannot quit you  
I make no progress 
Only feeble attempts 

Hello, drug 
Nice to meet you, I'm addicted

I stare at my bare reflection 
You're all over me 

Look what you've done! 
You've made me hideous! 

You're never going away, are you? 
Nothing can fix what you've broken. 

You will always be a part of my life 
Even if I find the strength to break up with you 

Even if my wounds heal 
The scars will remain still 
Till my flesh rots away 

At least will you do me one favor? 
Will you be my mine? 

If they see what you did, they won't wanna touch me 
Please don't take love from me, too 

If you're going to stay 
You might as well make yourself comfortable
They say you're no good 
That you'll kill me 
Is this true? 
I don't believe it! 
We'll show them 
We'll be alright 
It's you and me against the world, baby 

I'm growing tired 
Will you tuck me in? 
Hold me tight and kiss me goodnight? 

No, wait 
No, this isn't right! 

You are my enemy 
We cannot be together
I'm sorry, 
But were through 

I've finally found the inner power 
I now have everything I need 
To quit you 

Question is, now what do I do?    

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